The first camera system built for drivers, from the ground up.

We put fun back in the driver's seat

The Waylens camera is a new intelligent camera system designed to amplify your fun behind the wheel like never before. Consisting of a beautifully designed, high-performance camera, stylish steering wheel-mounted remote, and a wireless adaptor that connects to a vehicle’s computer, the Waylens system records and overlays real-time performance data over stunning HD video to capture every aspect of your drive. The system includes an innovative mobile app, cloud server and automated smart editing software that uses algorithms to pick out the best "Moments" from your hours of aggregated driving footage.

Superior form. Unparalleled performance.

With a unibody aluminum enclosure, sleek metallic detailing, and a gorgeous circular OLED retina display, the Waylens camera is a finely crafted and worthy companion for your drive. It is the antithesis of the traditional boxy action sports camera with a form factor that blends effortlessly―and even enhances―modern automotive interiors. It looks high tech, and it is. With a 7-element lens and a video processor that clocks in at 318 megapixels per second, capturing super high quality, high-speed video at 1080p/60fps is a breeze for the Waylens. The state-of-the-art CMOS sensor lets in lots of light, which helps preserve image quality with crisper lines, brighter brights, and darker darks when conditions get challenging for most cameras.



The Waylens never misses a shot. It automatically turns on and off with your engine, so whenever you’re ready to go, it’s ready. The Waylens camera is loaded with a suite of advanced sensors and circuitry. They include 10 Hz, high resolution GPS, which provides accurate positioning and timekeeping, a 9-axis motion sensor to measure G-forces, and dual microphones to capture the symphony of exhaust well as the human actors in your horsepower-fueled epic. In addition, the wireless OBD-II adaptor captures performance data points from your engine computer. Using these data points, we beautifully overlay the ones of your choice onto the video footage to create proof positive that you really did do the Kessel run in 12 parsecs...or whatever feat you want to brag about. Choose from speed, RPM, acceleration (g-forces), manifold pressure (known as boost when car is supercharged or turbocharged, units in PSI), angle of incline (for off-roading), location (10HZ GPS), local weather conditions, barometric pressure, temperature, and humidity.



Instantly create a highlight film from hours of driving footage

Instant highlight film

After your fun drive, the Waylens camera and its proprietary software saves you tons of time by automatically sifting through hours of footage to find the best moments. In addition to considering all highlight clips you have bookmarked through the remote control, it makes judgements based on your performance data, such as faster than usual braking, acceleration, and a host of other factors. The five seconds before and after the event are included in the moment and served up on the Waylens mobile app. You can share Moments instantly on social media with just a few clicks. You can also be more hands-on; edit Moments and unedited raw footage with a simple in-app video editor.